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Crawler Transporter Truck model

The construction process of the trucks continues, here some appetizers.

GELI 70 Saab Draken Ostarrichi

GELI #70 Saab Draken 'Ostarrichi' - the full story of how it came into life.

GELI 70 Saab Draken Ostarrichi

as my homage to GELI the probably most beautiful and best-known Draken - the 08 of the Austrian Air Force, the Ostarrichi - Draken - will be created here in the next few days.

Crawler Transporter

... started more than five years ago, and still not finished - that would be the right motto here ;). In my first announcement two years ago in a forum for paper modelers I introduced the project briefly, but there hasn't been a dedicated blog of my own yet, a state which I am now solemnly remedying.

LUT and Apollo 11

The last act has begun. Since one week I transfer the parts into the flat - into CorelDRAW, to be exact. But first a look at the grand finale:

Level 120-160

Yes I know - the last entry in this blog was more than 422 days ago. Mea culpa. But it is not outdated, at best a little *cough* dusty.

Launcher Platform

I hereby announce that the construction of the LUT is now complete.

Tail Service Masts

Before I retire for the next two weeks at the Cote Azure and the Provence for a well-deserved vacation, here is a short update to the probably oldest still active blog.

Service Arm #2 - S-Ic FWD

The light at the end of the tunnel is getting more and more powerful - we are now at Level 60, Level 30 and Level 0 still need some attention.

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