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Engineer Control Room of the Crawler Transporter

It has changed a lot since the days of the moon landing program, while the inner machinery still is quite original. One basic insight however was, that MS Windows also won this battle ;)

Sprocket wheel of the Crawler Transporter

It has 13 spokes. Not sure if this is common for crawlers, however for me it still sounds very odd.

Crawler Transporter JEL heads

One of the pictures I wish I would have had already during the design of the Crawler Transporter model. A lot of the wiring was acquired during the long life of the Crawlers, however the basic set still is there.

Crawler Transporter openings

... one of the countless openings of the Crawler Transporter like here at the corner structure.

Roof of the Crawler Transporter

A view at the roof of the Crawler Transporter. The beam crossing the fuel tank is removable.

Crawler sprinkled

The crawler way is sprinkled to avoid tons of raised dust. To see and hear this giant in motion is an unforgettable experience.

Inner Steering Arm

First tests of the Crawler Transporter showed, that the outer steering cylinders alone were too weak to push the trucks. So another set of steering cylinders were added along the longitudinal side of the chassis.

Crawler Transporter #2

You should be able now to easily identify CT#2 on this picture ;) Impressive: the new exhaust system.

Crawler Transporter Corner C

Here is one difference between the two Crawlers: CT#2 has three vertical columns for the handrails in front of the JEL cylinders, while CT#1 has one more.

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