Vehicle Assembly Building

Approaching the VAB

We all know it’s big. However it is hard to get a grip, how big it really is. It’s there at the horizon, and driving seems not bring you closer. Each stripe of the American flag has the width of a standard road lane.

At the Gate of the VAB

Some things are hard to believe. For example the fact, that you have just entered the VAB. History happened right here, and still happens. The orange balloon in the back actually is the external fuel tank for the Endeavour, that has just arrived the day before.

VAB Ceiling

The ceiling of the VAB, 160m above you. Sometimes, even looking up can make you feel dizzy.


Endeavour’s External Fuel Tank

It had just arrived a few days before and was about to be erected. However, the horizontal position makes it even more impressive.

Close up of external fuel tank

Getting so close to real space hardware, that you are used to know from TV only, has a sense of unreal fantasy and total excitement.

Discovery hidden in the side bay of the VAB

Yes. It’s the Discovery. All you can see is the external fuel tank, and the MLP. The orbiter and the boosters are hidden behind an iron spider web.

The Mobile Launcher Platform

Like the Crawler Transporters, it stems from the days of the moon landing program. The LUT was removed, and two additional openings for the boosters added.On the floor you can see the Crawler way.

Name wall at the VAB

Here you can sign the wall of the VAB. Truly a big thing to put your name on!

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