Yes I know - the last entry in this blog was more than 422 days ago. Mea culpa. But it is not outdated, at best a little *cough* dusty.

Much has happened since August 2017, as perhaps it has penetrated here and there. For example, I announced full-bodied that the Rhino model of the LUT was ready. And in my naivety I asked for corrections, additions, suggestions for improvement, etc., and this of course worldwide, let's go the whole hog.

To make a long story short, the feedback was not lacking. Above all, they came from a possessed person in Canada named Hartmuth. Altogether there were more than 1,000 additions, extensions and corrections, which I added to the model. Hartmuth has compared every inch of the model with thousands of original photos and documented every tiny deviation, which filled a Word file with over 200 pages - I don't even want to imagine this Sisyphus work, and I am indefinitely indebted to Hartmuth.

Anyway, it took until March 2018 for all changes to be made. And I dare to say that you probably look at the most exact model of the LUT 1 on earth.

Finished Launcher Platform

Model in SimLab Composer

What you see here is the current state of the model - not in Rhino, but in SimLab Composer. In contrast to the Rhino model, here you see the actual parts instead of the geometries - numbered, named and structured in an object tree. At the moment we are holding at exactly 19,700 parts, the MLP and the levels 0 to 160 are finished. The original estimate of about 50,000 parts for the complete artwork should be quite good.

The LUT is divided into sections, which can at least in principle separated to be able to disassemble the model for transport or storage. You can see the first 3 sections MLP, Level 0-80, and Level 100-160. At the seams there are inevitably connections, but they are minimized as much as possible.

Here you can see the sections, that are stacked upon each other...

Level 100-160Level 0-80MLP

The first three sections of the LUT model

... so that you can get an approximate idea.

At the moment I need about 1-2 weeks per level - depending on leisure time and complexity. Since the upper levels are relatively modular, it's getting faster and faster - I guess the SimLab model will be ready in 2 months, then the parts will come into CorelDraw - the kit would be ready in spring '19. Becomes scarce *gggg*