Before I retire for the next two weeks at the Cote Azure and the Provence for a well-deserved vacation, here is a short update to the probably oldest still active blog.

Finished Launcher Platform

Tail Service Masts

Meanwhile the Levels 60 and 30 have been completed, and I have returned to the starting point 7 years ago, so to speak. Some details are still missing at MLP, the tail service masts, for example, were especially missing.

The three TSMs form, so to speak, the lowest swing arm in the AFT area of the first stage, supplying it with kerosene and also being responsible for telemetric monitoring of the S-Ic.

Tail Service Masts

Courtesy of NASA

Here, too, the original design was changed, when at the first (unmanned) launch of the Saturn V (Apollo 4) one of the crocodile jaws broke lose and destroyed three vehicles in a car park about one mile away. The show must have been spectacular.

Rollout of Apollo 11

Tail Service Masts

Here is a short glance at the complete work of art - not much missing any more.