The LUT model

Hydraulic lines at Side 4

The next functional unit are the characteristic hydraulic lines on Side 4. Here is an unorthodox view from below.

Electrical installations at Side 1

The functional growth is progressing - the pipes and equipment have been added on the side of the elevator shaft facing Saturn and close to the rails on side 2.

Cable Trays of the LUT

As I said before, the LUT is now growing functionally, which makes the overview somehow easier. Now the nervous system is finished - the cable ducts that artfully and confusingly climb up.

LUT with the first stage of the Saturn V

So, here it goes impetuously at the usual speed *ggg*. The LUT is practically finished, maybe a tube is missing here and a cable there, but nothing that can't be done within one or two years.

LUT Service Arm #1

Due to the learning curve with the First Element, the Second Element gets along more easily, although it is more complex than the First Element.

LUT Service Arm #1

As promised, the starting shot for the Babylonian Tower. As test construction and feasibility study of the Service Arm #1, in its official name Service Arm S-IC Intertank.

Service Arm 1 Element 2

A small milestone at the roadside has been reached - the first real parts of the kit are in the box, namely for service arm 1 - Element #1 and #2

Service Arm #1

The LUT has 9 service arms (or, more commonly swing arms), of which five (so called in-flight service arms) stayed connected to the Saturn V until liftoff and swung inwards during the launch.

LUT up to level 100

As I mentioned before, the skeleton of the LUT is becoming more and more populated. Two 'fear parts' are now also in the box - the pivot of the swing arms, affectionately called 'hinge', and their bearings, when they are aligned parallel to side 1 in their retracted state.

LUT up to level 100

Yes, the last blog entry was quite a while ago, unbelievable how fast 6 months go by. The main reason was of course the redesign of my website - which was a time consuming affair for inexperienced people like me. In addition the seasonal hustle and bustle in my job as a sideline radiologist was added.

LUT Cable tray openings

Advent should be a quiet time where you devote yourself to contemplative things, for example constructing a LUT or saving the world. Since the latter has already been done, I turn with joy to the first task.

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