The LUT model

Command Module Service Arm

Time for a bit of dreams from the future.

Command Module Service Arm

In the LUT cosmos, the Command Module Service Arm, or Swing Arm 9 for short, represents a vast subuniverse.

Service arm #9 access platform

Once upon a time, the daring astronauts, admired by the press, fellow countrymen and, of course, by me, walked here.

Service arm access platforms

The swing arm access platforms are fortunately much more structured.

Camera Platforms

Fortunately, there are some more camera platforms, this time on side 1, level 120 and 200.

Camera Platforms

Actually, it should have been a small triumph

Camera Platforms

The Camera platform is a classic example of a structure that at first glance seems rather simple ...

Sprinklers of the LUT

The sprinklers evaporated tons of cooling water during the liftoff, mainly upon the service arms but also onto the deck of the MLP.

ECS lines at Side 2

Every construction has a problem spot, and the one that keeps your LUT designer busy is Side 2. No plans, just schematics without dimensions.

LOX lines at Side 3

Right to the three LH2 pipes, the LOX pipes are striving upwards. As we all know, 'LOX' means 'liquid oxygen'.

LH2 lines at Side 3

The 3 pipes of the LH2 system. For understandable reasons, the liquid hydrogen (like the LOX pipes next to it) is transported upwards on the side facing away from the Saturn V ...

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