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Top Levels

Yes, I still exist. And the LUT thrives slowly, but steadily. So after two swing arms I felt like something else.

Cape Canaveral

Second help, house style. Somehow it was time to put the project on a solid foundation.

Command Module Service Arm

The 45th anniversary of the moon landing pulled me to Rhino again, and at the request of a LUT hobbyist I took the S-IVb Forward Service Arm - the swing arm #7 - into my sights

Command Module Service Arm

.... whereby I will also partly use the laser cut parts to test their processibility

Command Module Service Arm

Time for a bit of dreams from the future.

Command Module Service Arm

In the LUT cosmos, the Command Module Service Arm, or Swing Arm 9 for short, represents a vast subuniverse.

Service arm #9 access platform

Once upon a time, the daring astronauts, admired by the press, fellow countrymen and, of course, by me, walked here.

Service arm access platforms

The swing arm access platforms are fortunately much more structured.

Camera Platforms

Fortunately, there are some more camera platforms, this time on side 1, level 120 and 200.

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