Latest LUT news

Equipment 2.0

The Equipment has been fully revised and completely transferred to CorelDRAW

Service Arm #6 - S-IVb AFT

These views are rendered from my Rhino 3D LUT model and should give you a good reference for the overall resemblance of LUT 1


I'm often asked, what references I use for the LUT model, and where do I get them. As always, the answer is complicated.

References 3D-PDF

These files are part of the building instructions of my 1/96 LUT paper model. Although they reflect the model and not the real thing, they should be accurate enough to help you on your own LUT project

Command Module Service Arm 1/96 model

Above you see the finished model of the Service Arm 9 in 1/96 scale. I’ve decided to offer it as free download for two reasons

First sheet from the LUT kit

Yo, the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing has passed, and I wasn't even there - neither in Titusville nor here in the blog.

LUT and Apollo 11

The last act has begun. Since one week I transfer the parts into the flat - into CorelDRAW, to be exact. But first a look at the grand finale:

Level 120-160

Yes I know - the last entry in this blog was more than 422 days ago. Mea culpa. But it is not outdated, at best a little *cough* dusty.

Launcher Platform

I hereby announce that the construction of the LUT is now complete.

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