Fully revised ...

While bringing the the equipment objects into 2D I came across new pictures and drawings, so I decided to make a complete revision and looked out for pictorial references by studying the new material and also enlarging many photographs I already had. Besides very few exceptions, I could find at least one or two pictures for every equipment on the LUT, so that I can say now the equipment in the kit is quite reliable.

Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Pump on Level 180

Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Pump on Level 180 - 3D model. After the transfer to CorelDRAW, the sides of the 2D parts then are used for the textures back in the 3D model. The size in the kit is 32mm x 15mm, so it's pretty tiny.

Vacuum Pump

The corresponding parts in CorelDRAW, totaling to 55 parts. The total number of parts for the whole equipment is 5,251.

Completely transferred

Yes, the complete equipment is now transferred to CorelDRAW, resulting into +20 sheets of A3 format. If there is enough interest of modelers, who want to pimp their 1/96 LUT from other vendors, I'm thinking to provide an equipment set as download for 30 EUR. Likewise, a 3D file offer could be for modelers with 3D printers - this however is an option I still need to think about.

LUT Side 1

Equipment at Level 100, side 4. According to the plans, the Operational TV Distributor attached to the stairway was not on every level, however in the pictures it seems to be on each level. The surface of the elevator housing has become a texture, that looks quite natural. This replaces 166 0.5mm wide strips on each level.

The next on the to do list is the piping. The plumbers among you hopefully stay tuned.