After the first growth phase it was time for a consolidation, i.e. to adjust the parts exactly to each other and to check the buildability, which was a surprise for some parts ;)

Meanwhile the decking is also finished ...


MLP Side 1 & 2

... which is by nature rather spartan on the underside, since everything that escapes the special coating would be burned during the launch. On the left we see the interfaces to water connections and air ventilation, the 4 crawler interfaces are the unspectacular elevations further inside.

MLP Decking

MLP Deck

On deck it's also very bare at the moment - the numerous hatches are fireproof storage space for transport covers, special tools and garbage.

MLP and Crawler

MLP and Crawler Transporter

So that the six processor cores don't get bored, we put the launcher on top of the crawler ...

MLP and Crawler

MLP and Crawler Transporter

... sits, fits, wobbles and is ventilated. Virtually at least. The Rhino stutters a bit, but the renderer doesn't even blink his eyes and performs the task in 4 minutes. I'm already looking forward to Rhino 5 - that should be 64x and multicore capable.