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Nose of the Endeavour

Seen from the front, the spacecraft now is more easily to recognize.

Space Shuttle Endeavour

Looking towards the front, you see the connection pipe to the external fuel tank.

Tiles of the Shuttle's heat shield

These are the famous tiles for the heat shield of the orbiters. They are incredibly light weighted, even more incredibly heat resistant and absolutely most incredibly expensive. The price for one (1) tile is $ 10,000. To the left you see the material used for the rest of the orbiter’s surface, that is covered with heat resistant tissue.

Heatshield of Endeavour

It takes a few moments to realize, that the ceiling in the hall you’ve just entered in fact is the belly of the orbiter, in this case the heat shield of the Endeavour.

Inside the Cab of the Crawler Transporter

Little me and the big beast. For such a giant, the tiny steering wheel is a strange contrast. Also, when you have expected an overwhelming amount of instruments like in the cockpit of an airliner, you will be surprised.

Engineer Control Room of the Crawler Transporter

It has changed a lot since the days of the moon landing program, while the inner machinery still is quite original. One basic insight however was, that MS Windows also won this battle ;)

Sprocket wheel of the Crawler Transporter

It has 13 spokes. Not sure if this is common for crawlers, however for me it still sounds very odd.

Crawler Transporter JEL heads

One of the pictures I wish I would have had already during the design of the Crawler Transporter model. A lot of the wiring was acquired during the long life of the Crawlers, however the basic set still is there.

Crawler Transporter openings

... one of the countless openings of the Crawler Transporter like here at the corner structure.

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